Nastia (tiptoeinthesnow) wrote in boston_photos,

Hopefully this is not off-topic

I have a photoshoot with a model scheduled in February, and looking for any possible advice on locations. I know there are people out there much more knowledgeble and familiar with the city than myself. If anyone can give any hint where we might find the following, I would be really appreciative of your help!

- Abandoned-looking buildings (safe, please)
- A place with big windows, or a lot of mirrors. The shaggier the better.
- A sculpture or visual arts studio or storage space with statues/heads/student's works.
- Victorian looking space, may be with furniture or draped windows.
- Well maintained gardens where dogs/cameras are allowed.

I fully realize that my requirements are vague, but if I could get any help at all, that would be amazing.

Thanks in advance!

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