Next Week: Intro to Adobe Photoshop Class

Hello, everyone. We still have room in this three-class workshop, starting next Tuesday. Word of mouth has proven to be our most effective communication tool, so feel free to pass this on. Here is the info:

LPHOT 2005 - Introduction to Digital Photography Workshop: The Basic Workflow
Tuesdays, March 3 - 17, 1:00pm - 3:50pm
Ludcke Library 401, Mellen Street, Cambridge

Using Adobe Photoshop CS3, students will learn how to create a workflow, adjust colors, contrast, and brightness of images, when and how to use the Levels and Curves tools, and how to format photos to email or upload to the internet. Visit our website for details.
Tuition: $120

For questions and to register, contact Olivia at 617-349-8609 or

Hopefully this is not off-topic

I have a photoshoot with a model scheduled in February, and looking for any possible advice on locations. I know there are people out there much more knowledgeble and familiar with the city than myself. If anyone can give any hint where we might find the following, I would be really appreciative of your help!

- Abandoned-looking buildings (safe, please)
- A place with big windows, or a lot of mirrors. The shaggier the better.
- A sculpture or visual arts studio or storage space with statues/heads/student's works.
- Victorian looking space, may be with furniture or draped windows.
- Well maintained gardens where dogs/cameras are allowed.

I fully realize that my requirements are vague, but if I could get any help at all, that would be amazing.

Thanks in advance!